I know, we can talk all day long about our philosophies and what we think of Spanish Schoolhouse.  But…what about what others say?  Sometimes I’m leery of testimonials that are just written, as I wonder if there is a face behind the writing.  What we’ve done for you is put together a video of real parents of our students.  No, they aren’t actors and actresses or just pretty faces…they are really the parents of our students with real testimonials.  If this isn’t convincing enough for you, we would welcome you to one of our locations to see for yourself what you think. Check out the video here.

What are Parents Saying about Spanish Schoolhouse?

And, of course we couldn’t get all of the parents on video, so we’ve got many more accolades below, in case you aren’t convinced yet!

I can’t imagine finding better. This school sets the bar! We never want to leave Spanish Schoolhouse and wish it continued through elementary!
– Arlington parent   
The staff is unbelievably amazing! Such a welcoming environment for parents and children. I honestly can’t imagine a more loving, caring environment and I truly feel that the teachers care for my children as a family member would.
– Rockwall parent   
The best things about Spanish Schoolhouse are the staff, professionalism, and care for the kids. They create an atmosphere of love, which empowers my child to try new things, open up, and learn.
– Southlake parent   
Our daughter gets so excited when she walks into school every morning and everyone knows her name. Everyone is so warm and loving. I chose Spanish Schoolhouse specifically for this loving environment. They treat my daughter like family would.
– Castle Hills parent   
Taking my son to school is an absolute pleasure every day. We both look forward to the warm smiles, high fives and kind greetings from the staff and teachers. Their welcoming personalities make my son feel loved and excited to go to school. I couldn’t be more thankful!!
– North Dallas parent   
Such a loving environment – one that is not always present in traditional preschools. There’s a lot of interaction and communication between the parents and the owner, director, office staff and all of the teachers. As a parent, you know these people really care about your child and want to provide the most positive learning experience possible…and they do! There are teachers who don’t even teach my child but go out of their way to speak with her and make her feel important.
– Parent from The Woodlands   
We appreciate that the teachers are personable, affectionate, and professional, and that they’re all NATIVE Spanish speakers. We also like the fact that songs and music are such a big part of the curriculum. It’s lovely that almost every activity seems to have its own song and I think this is a wonderful way to make learning fun!
– McKinney parent   
Amazing experience! My child’s self-control grew tremendously. Great social skills and academics. Small ratios were amazing. Teachers take their jobs very seriously and care deeply about the children. Great program!
– Allen parent   
I’m very impressed with the extensive curriculum. My son’s academic progress has been great. Our only regret is that we did not send him to Spanish Schoolhouse earlier.
– Coppell parent   
There are so many strengths of Spanish Schoolhouse – how could I pick just one? The staff and teachers are so warm and really understand the children. You can’t learn much if you’re not in a loving environment. On top of the loving teachers, the kids are developing all sorts of necessary life skills. And then on top of that, they are making great strides towards become BILINGUAL. Amazing! We love it!
– Frisco parent   
There are so many strengths it is difficult to choose…but what I most appreciate is the quality of staff. They are loving, thoughtful, gentle, and knowledgeable. My child’s teacher goes beyond expectations daily.
– Keller parent   
The staff addresses any and all concerns in a prompt and efficient manner. I am also amazed how much Spanish my child knows just in the 6 months the school has been open. Amazing!
– Fort Worth parent   
The school’s warm, inviting feeling encourages learning and curiosity while giving children the feeling of safety. We love the small class size and the immersion environment.
– Flower Mound parent