The summer Olympics are here! For the next few weeks, people will watch their favorite sports and cheer for their country.  It is a very exciting time for those in the world of sports.

The Olympics are also a great time to engage your child in learning about the world.  Since the Olympics have representatives from so many countries, it is an opportunity for your child to see the many different nations around the globe.

First, the Olympics are in England this year.  You can teach your kids some interesting things about the English culture.  You can show them pictures of London and its many famous building like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben.  You can give them little interesting bits of information like how the English drive on the opposite side of the road and the opposite side of the car.  If your child prefers history, you can discuss the English and their history with the United States, from the Revolutionary War up to being allies today.

Next, you can have your child pick their favorite country and then show them where it is on a map.  You can look up some fun facts and share them with your kids.  It really is a perfect time to expand your child’s outlook on the world.

You can share the history of the Olypmics itself with your kids.  How the Olympics started in Greece.  The first games can be traced back to 776 B.C.  You can explain how the games are celebrated every four years, and that we have the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

The Olympics bring about a worldly interest in sports, but are just as great to use as a learning tool for your children. Catch the Olympic spirit and watch your child learn!