In Spring 2012, Spanish Schoolhouse Keller unveiled the outdoor “Jardin”  (Garden) and Science Center which is a successful partnership with Meals on Wheels and the Keller Farmers Market!  The children have planted fruits and vegetables and are responsible for their daily care and growth.  Twice a year the children will pick the “fruits” of their labor;  and through a fun and interactive pretend “Mercado” they will sell/donate the items to Meals on Wheels as part of our community garden project.

Spanish Schoolhouse Keller was recently recognized in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram newspaper for their participation in the Sharing the Harvest, a Metropolitan Meals on Wheels program. Kids from the preschool delivered produce that they grew in their garden to a senior in the community.

Martha Schirripa, owner of Spanish Schoolhouse in Keller, said having the community garden helps enrich the children’s lives in many ways.

“It’s character building … it allows them to take care of something,” Schirripa said.

Schirripa said the children water and weed the garden daily and get to eat a portion of the harvest, some are vegetables they have never tried before.

You can read the full article here.  Click to find out more about Spanish Schoolhouse Keller or their facebook page.