It is that time of year.  Kids will dress up in their favorite costumes and go out and about trick or treating.  Halloween can be a lot of fun for parents and kids.  For a safe and fun Halloween, here are a few tips to think about this year.

Make sure the costume is a good fit – When purchasing or making your child’s costume, keep in mind how the costume will fit.  Be sure that it isn’t too long, so your child doesn’t step on the costume and trip.  If the costume has a mask, is it easy to see out and breathe out.  Some masks look great, but offer little visibility or quickly get hot.  Wear comfortable shoes. You are going to be out doing some walking and you want your child to enjoy the evening instead of complaining about sore feet.

Wear something bright – Be sure your child has something bright and reflective. You want him or her to be easy to spot once it starts getting dark.  This could be a reflective arm band, head band, necklace or other piece of clothing.

Get started before it gets too late – If you are able to start before dusk, this is a great start to the evening.  It hasn’t got too dark yet, and you and your kids can trick or treat and still have plenty of time to enjoy the remainder of the evening together. 

Have Fun – Enjoy your Halloween and have a safe and fun night!