Soccer (or fútbol in Spanish) is not just a wildly popular pastime in Latin America. It is a source of national unity, identity, and pride. The World Cup tournament is fast approaching and citizens of each country will come together to support their teams, demonstrate their unwavering loyalty, and brace for an emotional rollercoaster as they watch in excitement. At Spanish Schoolhouse, our campers (ages 3-8) can take part in the World Cup fever and experience the passion and cultural traditions of this tournament in our summer camp, GOAL 2018!

A Little History

How did soccer become so important to Latinos? The sport originated in Europe in the late 1800’s, and when Europeans began migrating to Latin America in large numbers, they brought soccer with them. As the Europeans assimilated, the sport became more integrated into the Latin countries. Soccer appealed to people across traditional social boundaries. Rooting for the same team created a sense of national identity and a feeling of belonging for all. To this day, cheering for their team unites generations, as grandparents pass down their loyalties to their children and grandchildren. Watching matches together is both a family and a community event!

Fans Like No Other

Because of their passion for the sport, soccer fans celebrate their teams in BIG ways! Sporting team jerseys, draping flags over their bodies, and painting their faces the team colors are common ways to show team pride. Super fans may dress in costumes, wear colored wigs, or even get tattoos of their team. Oh, and did we mention how loud they can be??!!!

Soccer announcers contribute to the enthusiasm for the team. Many American fans tune to Spanish-language channels just to enjoy the emotion exuded by these commentators. Famous Telemundo announcer Andrés Cantor is known for his long and enthusiastic exclamations of “Goooooooooooooooal” when a team scores. Take a listen here and you’ll feel the adrenaline rush: Andrés Cantor – GOAL

World Cup SSH-Style

Since all of the teachers at Spanish Schoolhouse are native Spanish-speakers, we have a “few” soccer fans among our staff. When planning for summer camps, we thought, what better way to help our teachers show their national pride and culture this summer than by hosting a World Cup event of our own? And that is how our “GOAL 2018!” Summer Camp was born!

Not your traditional soccer camp, “GOAL 2018!” focuses on the World Cup tournament, including its history, traditions, teams, players, and fans, all in Spanish, of course!  Campers will learn about this year’s tournament, which will be held in Moscow from June 14 – July 15. They’ll discover fun facts about the mascot, the trophy, the host country, and more. Do you know the difference between a yellow card and a red card? Do you know why players swap jerseys with the opposing team after a match? Our campers will!

Get Ready!

It’s time to get ready for World Cup fever! Whether you have a favorite team or you are a rookie fan, now is your chance to get onboard and feel your Latin roots (gringos included!). If you’re eager to learn more and sound like a true fan, here are a few excellent sources we found. For the chance to learn a little soccer lingo from around the world, click here. And for ALL the soccer expressions you need to know in Spanish, click here! May the best team win, or at least score a few GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALS!!

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