Learning Language Naturally

Do you remember how your child(ren) learned their first language? First, they heard and understood what you were saying to them, then began to respond appropriately (“Wave bye-bye” or “Blow kisses”). Soon, their babbling became a recognizable word or two. Over the next several months, you likely saw an explosion of single words, and then eventually two-three word phrases. Language progresses naturally when a child is surrounded by conversation and has one-on-one engagement with parents, loved ones, and caregivers.

Second language acquisition follows a similar process when begun at a young age! Little ones who hear a second language with regularity quickly begin to understand what is being said, as well as absorbing the structure of the language. With time and repetition, the vocabulary comes naturally, though perhaps more gradually than with their first language. When learning is made fun, little brains absorb even more readily!  Having a bilingual baby is achievable with exposure and practice!

Early Exposure through Spanish Mommy and Me Class

Spanish Schoolhouse Mommy and Me classes offer an early opportunity for parents and their little ones to begin that exposure to the Spanish language during the early window for language learning! Designed for children ages 12-36 months, the class is a fun and interactive experience for both parents and children. Activities like stories, puppets, music, dance, and art, all in Spanish, introduce the sounds, words, and phrases of the language.

Mommy and Me classes are the perfect way to “try on” language immersion and to see for yourself how learning another language can be fun and natural. Each class is 45 minutes in length and ten-week sessions are offered each fall and spring at select Spanish Schoolhouse locations – Coppell, Fort Worth, McKinney, and North Dallas.  For more information or to register, visit our website: https://spanishschoolhouse.com.

Spanish Story Times

Several of our other SSH locations offer Spanish Story Times on a regular basis! Though not as in-depth as the class, they are still a great option for introducing the Spanish language. Check out this list to find a location near you*.

Coppell Cozby Library – Second Tuesday of each month at 10:15 a.m.
Highland Village Barnes and Noble – Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.
Keller Library Mondays at 12:15 p.m.
Round Rock Spanish Schoolhouse – Check our Facebook page for upcoming event dates
Sugar Land Spanish Schoolhouse – Check our Facebook page for upcoming event dates

Language, Culture, Friendship!

Learning a language at a young age is a natural process! Early exposure not only helps build a foundation for language development but also encourages connections with other cultures. Whether they learn Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, French, or any other language (or multiple!), those foundations and connections are priceless gifts we can give our children that open doors to their future!