Circle Time

Are you considering a language immersion experience for your preschooler? Or maybe you’ve registered for this fall and can’t wait?! Or perhaps you have a baby and are just exploring what is out there for language preschools?

Language immersion is a unique experience and many families ask, “How can you throw my child into a class with a language he/she has never heard before? Won’t he/she be confused?” Of course, this is a valid concern. Or is it? Was your child born knowing English? Were Chinese children born speaking Mandarin? Could any infant make the unique sounds of Russian, Arabic, or German?? Of course not!!

 So what is the key to learning any language, whether it is your first, second, or seventeenth? EXPOSURE AND PRACTICE!!

That’s what language immersion is all about – exposing your child to the sounds, words, phrases, language patterns, and accents of a new language on a regular basis. Elastic young brains quickly make connections between sounds and the actions or items they represent. Couple this with a loving environment and children begin to feel safe exploring this wondrous new language.

This is what we do each day at Spanish Schoolhouse!!  Children are invited into the wonderful world of the Spanish language and culture. They learn that they are part of a loving family even when they are away from the safe nest of home. They gain self-confidence in their language skills, all while developing age-appropriate academic and social skills. What a gift!

Take a peek inside Spanish Schoolhouse below and see what we are all about!